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Meet Sara Harris of Sara Harris Photography

“Memories. Moments. Stories. Filling your home and business with your life as art.”

-Sara Harris

Sara Harris is an accomplished professional photographer with locations in both Virginia and Colorado. Look on her web site and you’ll see that the Inn at Warner Hall is one of her favorite things. Look through the photo albums of some of our brides from over the years, and at some of our most special events (like Battle of the Hook) and you’ll see that she is a friend to the Inn and has captured many moments here.

Her work has been featured on billboards, online and print media such as People Magazine.

We recently caught up with Sara of Sara Harris Photography to ask her a few questions about her work, the history of her company and what matters most in taking your own pictures.

Can you describe your photography style?

My style is very personal and authentic, and I use natural light whenever possible. Especially when photographing weddings, I love to capture the essence of the smiles, the laughs and the tears from the big day in a way that’s very candid and in the spirit of the moment, while also anticipating the big “planned” moments and setting them up for maximum impact.

How long have you been a professional photographer?

I started photographing families and children 10 years ago, and shortly after began layering in weddings, corporate and celebrity events, and commercial projects. Sara Harris Photography now has a studio in Yorktown, VA with a second location in the works in Steamboat Springs, CO. We have clients all over the world and love to travel.

Can you describe a favorite memory from your own wedding?

Oh wow, so many! Loads of mental snapshots from that July day! But like many other very special events in our lives, that wonderful day – the one we spent so many months meticulously planning – was very much a blur. I’m so thankful we hired a professional photographer to document all those beautiful details, heartfelt emotions, and the wonderful friends and relatives that were present for us. I still cherish our wedding album all these years later, and we have beautiful portraiture from that day placed around our home.

What is a one of your favorite wedding moments from a ceremony you photographed?

Photographing the wedding of actress Ashley Williams and producer Neal Dodson was a very special professional moment. I worked with Mandy Johnson, a super fun and wonderfully talented colleague of mine based in Nashville, and the wedding took place at the home of country singer Brad Paisley (Ashley’s brother-in-law). Really nice folks. People Magazine ended up featuring some of our images.

Why do you love Warner Hall?

What’s not to love about that gorgeous, historic plantation? Warner Hall is a tremendously special-occasion venue for many reasons, starting with the fact that it is visually stunning inside and out – which translates into spectacular portraiture for our clients. The entire place presents so well, from the fence-lined drive, to the Inn itself, all the way to the landing on the creek. And those sunsets. Wow! No matter what the weather or the light is doing, there are always shooting options.

But more importantly, it’s the people. Theresa and Troy, the innkeepers, are simply fabulous hosts who always have a handle on all the details. They are extremely gracious professionals and exceptionally experienced.

And of course I love sneaking a treat from Chef Eric Garcia in the kitchen. His culinary work is mouth-wateringly amazing! Added bonus: I live minutes away from Warner Hall!

What tips can you share for guests taking pictures at a wedding?

Weddings are exciting to photograph for both pros and guests alike. The bride and groom invested in hiring a professional so that they could fondly remember their beautiful day – so when in doubt, leave it to the professional. Remember that wedding photographers plan their timing, positioning and lighting in advance – carefully anticipating the outcome. While guests understandably want their own shots too, getting near the photographer’s field of view (which may be wider than you think) can result in being the subject of that special can’t-be-recreated picture.

During posed group shops, we recommend guests with their own cameras wait until the photographer is done with their shots before stepping in and redirecting attention.

Standing beside the photographer taking a group shot can be distracting for the subjects who aren’t sure whose camera to look at.

Newlyweds enjoy seeing all the fun, candid pre-ceremony and reception moments that they miss. So guests should snap away! Take plenty of group shots of friends and co-workers and document the details – such as the flowers, favors and overall landscape. And spread the love socially!

Come up with an Instagram or Facebook #hashtag in advance and share it with others so that posted images are easily searchable.

How should people contact you for wedding or other event services?

We love to chat with folks about their photography needs. Call Sara Harris Photography at (757) 598-2104, visit us at, or email us at

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