Warner Hall’s Chocolate Pudding-Salted Caramel & Nut Confit

Looking for something a little extra to serve at your holiday gatherings this season? How about Warner Hall’s Chocolate Pudding-Salted Caramel & Nut Confit?

What You’ll Need For The Chocolate

8 ounces Chocolate

1 2/3 Cups Heavy Cream

½ Cup Half and Half

1/3 Cup Sugar

5 each Egg yolks

2 T. Orange liquor

What You’ll Do (Chocolate)

Put chocolate in a bowl.

Stir together Cream, ½ & ½ and sugar, simmer.

Temper in egg yolks and cook until thickened.

Pour over chocolate and stir to combine.

Stir in liquor.

Put in serving dishes and refrigerate.

What You’ll Need for the Salted Caramel

1 1/3 Sup Sugar

1 T. Water

2 T. Corn syrup

1 Cup Heavy cream

1 T. Butter

1 T. Sea salt

What You’ll Do (Salted Caramel)

Cook sugar, water and corn syrup to a deep amber.

Add heavy cream and butter.

Heat to combine.

Stir in salt and chill.

What You’ll Need for the Nut Confit

½ Cup Honey

¼ Cup Sugar

3 T. Orange liquor

½ Cup Butter


Bay leaf

Toasted nuts, your choice

What You’ll Do (Nut Confit)

Combine honey and sugar and heat to dissolve.

Add the rest of the ingredients and cook 2 -3 minutes and reduce by one third.


Layer all the pieces and enjoy!

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