Mrs. Colin Clarke’s Cocoa Nut Balls Recipe

In July 1933, Mrs. Martha Page Vandergrift (101 years old) described the following recipe passed down to her from Mrs. Colin Clarke of Warner Hall. We featured it in the book about Warner Hall, which highlights the estate’s history and ancestry. In the spirit of this season – one of family, breaking bread together and cookie exchanges – we felt it was the perfect opportunity to share!

Enjoy. And do let us know if you try your hand at these Cocoa Nut Balls!

What You’ll Need

-1 ½ lbs granulated sugar
-Pinch of salt
-½ pint of water
-1 grated cocoa nut or 1 lb. dry commercial cocoa nut
-Few drips of vanilla

What You’ll Do

Cook sugar and water until syrup [ropes], pour into bowl of cocoa nut, stirring all the time.

The more you stir, the whiter the candy.

When cool enough, make into balls and put on platters to dry in a cool place.

Make the balls about the size of a walnut, and roll them in the palm of your left hand, with fingers of right hand.

Set the platters in a cool place until the balls are dry on the outside.

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