A ‘Select’ Warner Hall Stay

Have you ever noticed the golden quill logo we proudly display at the Inn or on our web site? Perhaps you’ve stayed at the Inn at Warner Hall and received a Select Registry Guide Book we hope will guide you through your next stay at a unique inn and bed & breakfast in North America.

The Inn at Warner Hall is a proud member of Select Registry.

And here’s why, in Select Registry’s words:

“All of us like to be pampered. Whether it’s that Godiva chocolate on the pillow, the exceptional service from the front desk, or the beautiful surroundings of a small luxury hotel, Select Registry innkeepers make sure that you’ll receive the attention you deserve. For over 30 years, our association has carried out a quality assurance inspection for each of its luxurious member properties.

To become a Select Registry property, independent inspectors (not employees of Select Registry) with years of experience in the hospitality industry arrive unidentified, spend the night, and evaluate the inn or small hotel on a detailed point system, which translates into a pass/fail grade for the property. Not all inns, B&B’s, and small luxury hotels have what it takes to pass the inspections, and this process provides a guarantee to the traveling public that a Select Registry destination is in a class of its own.

No other online directory or organization of innkeepers has a comparable inspection program. In fact, a recent New York Times article noted that the proliferation of “inns” has resulted in an industry rife with misrepresentation, lack of quality control, and widely varying room rates. With its rigorous inspection program, Select Registry has established quality as a hallmark of its member properties.

Whether it is the personal greeting by the owner/innkeeper, a convivial meal, solicitous meeting of special needs, or passing along the association directory as a gift to a new friend-quality and hospitality ultimately continue to define the concept of ‘traveling the Select Registry way.'”

We love giving out the Select Registry Guide Book not only because we want you to always travel the Select Registry way, but also because Select Registry has a great loyalty program to reward you for supporting properties they endorse.

Each night you stay in a Select Registry inn or bed & breakfast, you receive points. Once you’ve stayed at a Select Registry property for 12 room nights, you receive a reward certificate for $100 that can be used as any Select Registry property.

It really is that simple.

If you’ve already stayed at the Inn at Warner Hall, or are planning to very soon, sign up for the loyalty program.

Click here to register, enter your stay and get started earning points toward your reward.

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