Warner Hall’s Coming of Age: Celebrate, Evaluate, Recalibrate

Troy and I hope you will send happy thoughts our way on Friday the 13th (really!) as we celebrate the 18th Anniversary of our stewardship of Warner Hall. We are enormously proud of what you, our guests have helped us achieve and view this milestone as the Inn’s official “coming of age.”

Over the years, we’ve marveled at how lucky we’ve been to be so connected to our guests. Helping to plan and facilitate hundreds of special family occasions, holiday celebrations, joyful weddings and simple community gatherings where strangers have become friends has been the most satisfying and meaningful “job” we’ve ever had. I guess it’s because it doesn’t feel like a job! As Troy and I always say, “the people make the party” and we have been fortunate to enjoy the best guests and staff partners in the world!

I’ve often wondered what the walls of Warner Hall would say if they could talk. Occasionally, I catch myself listening, straining to glean some precious tidbit of wisdom or advice from all the life experiences that have been shared by Warner Hall ancestors and guests over the passages of time. Sometimes, though, I believe it’s best to listen to the whispers of your own heart.

Recently, Troy and I challenged each other to think about opportunities for change and personal growth and be open and honest about the joys and challenges of being hands on “hospitalitarians” for last 18 years. After considerable reflection, Troy and I have decided to Celebrate, Evaluate and Recalibrate. And in doing so, we discovered that after all this time, we are still on the same page, reading the same wonderful fairy tale sentence – “there’s no place like home.”

Warner Hall is HOME to us. It has been the most fun, meaningful and spiritually rewarding chapter in the Book of T and T, and we are truly excited and committed to keep the pages of the Inn at Warner Hall turning; albeit with a few important changes.

Moving forward, we have decided to dedicate ourselves and the Inn to providing the most wonderful, Bed and Breakfast experience possible, while focusing on weddings and large scale special events. For Special Event Food and Beverage, we are now proud to be partnered with A Sharper Palate, out of Richmond, VA. Their powerhouse team, led by founders Leslie and Tuffy Stone, is considered to be one of the most talented and respected groups of catering chefs in the region. They are truly “Z best;” fabulous food, stellar service, driven by details and fun to work with. A Sharper Palate will hold steady the bar of culinary excellence set by chef Eric Garcia and our in house staff; we promise!

Given that the majority of our weekends are filled with private events and whole house holiday celebrations, we have decided that intimate formal dining on Fridays and Saturdays no longer fits with our business plan.

Don’t panic! Lodging guests will still enjoy our complimentary gourmet breakfasts, and our enormously popular “Supper Baskets” and Box Lunches are a great option for those of you who prefer not to venture far from “home.” We are fortunate to have a number of diverse dining experiences in Gloucester and the surrounding area and will happily assist you with reservations and transportation arrangements.

Even better, we are introducing a complimentary evening Social Hour for lodging guests featuring wine, beer and light hors d’oeuvres from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Nibble on artisan cheeses and a variety of tasty creations while enjoying your favorite beverage and conversation (or quiet!) in the beautiful surroundings of Warner Hall.

Hold on, we have even more exciting news!

Chef Eric has challenged himself to grow, literally, in a new direction and is pursuing his dream of sustainable, natural, community supported farming. He has established a new venture, Flourishing Farms, located on ten acres of land near Gloucester Courthouse, and is now officially a full time farmer and a part-time chef! Stay tuned for more updates on how you can benefit from his endeavors and procure fresh eggs, chickens, turkeys and the bounties of his carefully tended produce. Better yet, reach out to him yourself with well wishes and inquiries at eric@flourishingfarm.com

We have been so fortunate to have Eric at the helm of our food service operations for the past 14 years. Words are really not adequate to express our profound gratitude for Eric’s years of culinary creativity, loyalty and friendship. We wish him all the best in his mission and look forward to continued collaboration. Chef Eric will always be welcome at the Warner Hall Table and we hope to feature him for special Farm to Table dining events when his crops come in!

It’s time to get pumped up and embrace the blessings of both past and present. It’s time to embrace the Dreams of the future. It’s time to stop Waiting for When….When is Now! So please, join us in our Coming of Age celebration. With the support of extended Warner Hall family, friends, employees, contractors and our wonderful guests, the long standing tradition of Gloucester hospitality, lives on.

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