Warner Hall’s Apple Raisin Bread Pudding

What You’ll Need

1 each Old baguette, cut into bite size pieces

2 cups Heavy cream

2 cup ½ & ½

1 cup Sugar

½ cup Rum

6 each Eggs

1 cup Raisins

2 each Apples, peeled and sliced

2 tablespoons Butter, melted

What You’ll Do

Preheat the over at 350

Cut bread in to chunks

Combine the cream, ½ & ½, sugar, butter, rum, raisins and eggs.

Whisk this together to help dissolve the sugar

Let this sit in the frig for a few hours to let the flavors mingle and the raisins soften

Fold in the apples and Bread

Spray your baking vessel with non stick spray

Add your mixture

Cook this in a hot water bath for approximately 45 minutes. It should be set in the center, no loose jiggles

Notes: Watch the cooking time, maybe check it after 30 minutes just to be safe. You can change the flavoring of this all you want! For example change the alcohol, use chocolate chips, add a different dried fruit instead. You can also use any bread you have around. I must confess, some of our best bread puddings are made with plain white hot dog buns!

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