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Sharing A Little Piece Of Gloucester

Out of town guests attending your wedding here in Virginia? Want to give them a little piece of Gloucester to remember Warner Hall and their trip to our Virginia B&B?

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite things – things unique to our special location on the Middle Peninsula and near the Chesapeake Bay – that we thought you might enjoy sharing with your friends and loved ones as wedding favors or pillow presents!

Give your guests a gift to last all season long! Brent and Becky’s Bulbs are not only well known in Gloucester, but they’re recognized internationally (and by Martha Stewart)  for their bulb farm, particularly their daffodils. They sell a wide assortment of unique flower bulbs in a shop on their property – just a short drive from Warner Hall – or via their website. When your guests get home, they should stay in touch with the famed flower gardeners as their web site offers an abundance of information and videos to assist you in planting and caring for your new bulbs.

Who doesn’t love a smooth, velvety cup of coffee? Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters specializes in roasting certified organic coffee to its optimum taste, all right here from Gloucester, Va. Their coffee is grown on ecologically friendly farms and by responsible farmers. Their blends, as you might imagine coming from this region, are aptly named things like Daffodil Sunrise and Mobjack Java. Mobjack Bay, by the way, is one of our local bodies of water and part of the majestic Chesapeake.

When you think Virginia crops, do you think peanuts? We do! And we love our very own Whitley’s Peanut Factory, headquartered right here in Gloucester. In fact, Gloucester’s new visitors center is located in their shop near the southern end of Gloucester by the Coleman Bridge. From salted Virginia peanuts to honey cinnamon almonds, Whitley’s has a wide assortment of flavors and gift tins to choose from.

“Live it, love it, take care of it” is the motto of small, Gloucester based company, Be the Bay. Started by two marine biologists, Be the Bay features casual apparel – t-shirts, sweatshirts, ties and more – that celebrates the Chesapeake Bay and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Their comfy t-shirts come in styles from PEACE LOVE OYSTERS to OUR FOUNDING WATERS and NO WAKE. The best part? A percentage of each sale goes back into the Bay through the annual grants they give to Bay restoration projects.

Surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay, oysters are a popular choice by Gloucester residents and are ranked among the greatest tasting oyster in the world. A Rappahannock Oyster Co. gift certificate is a great way for your guests to enjoy the variety of flavors these Chesapeake Bay oysters have to offer. Did you know the flavor of an oyster changes depending on the salinity of the water it grows in? Eat em’ raw or check out their website for delicious ways to cook them up!

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