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Welcome to our very first blog post! You would think that coming up with a short essay on a remotely interesting topic would be an easy task for me; an English major, wannabe creative writer, financial manager turned innkeeper – a person who was born talking! But after a few weeks of persistent writer’s block and procrastination, I realized that “blogging” was easier said than done.

Finally, it came to me. Troy and I would attempt to answer the age old question…“So, what made you want to become an Innkeeper”?

After reflecting on this subject for almost twelve years and enjoying the company of over 82,680 visitors, the preparation of god knows how many omelets and 4,380 trips to the dumpster late at night (the moonlight really is wonderful at midnight….) the answer is still the same. YOU.

It sounds so cliché, but we are truly blessed. To have the opportunity to live in a spectacularly beautiful and historic place and make meaningful connections with interesting people from all walks of life is the most rewarding return on investment, business or personal, that we are likely to have in our lifetime.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of perpetually searching…constantly on the lookout for the next best thing, the newest technology, the coolest place, the most happening restaurant, the most thrilling
adventure, the most rewarding job…so much so, that we forget to enjoy what’s right in front of us.

To have guest relationships evolve into strong and lasting friendships, to see engaged couples return first to get married and then for a visit with their children, to witness special occasions too
numerous to count, to see staff members “grow up” and make their way into the next chapter of their lives makes us feel both lucky….and old! But we are not tired!

In fact, we are doubling down – recommitting to a dream from “once upon a time” to the reality that is now the Inn at Warner Hall. We are more determined than ever to make the world a more
relaxed and peaceful place, one guest experience at a time!

We hope you will enjoy our beautiful new website, artfully designed and implemented by the fantastic team at Purely Branded, and photographed by Jumping Rocks Photography. Help move us into the 21st century with Social Media and share your thoughts and ideas!

Most important of all, please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for making every day a special gift for us. We can’t put a price on what it means to help facilitate happiness, peace and relaxation ….We just know that it feels right! Really and truly, there’s “ No place like Home” especially if you’re lucky enough to live at Warner Hall and have people like you as our guests!

Hope to see you soon, and don’t forget to check out next blog “On Giving Back” which will be posted, Oct. 1.

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