Mrs. Martha Page Vandegrift Remembers Warner Hall

Facebook. Trip Advisor. The journals located in each of the 11 rooms here at the Inn at Warner Hall.

Today, there are countless ways to share the Warner Hall story.

Since we are such lovers of history and preserving the story and structure of Warner Hall, we especially love this written account of Warner Hall, jotted down by Mrs. Martha Page Vandergrift sometime before 1932. We published it in the book, Warner Hall: Story of a Great Plantation, authored by Dave Brown and Thane Harpole.

Mrs. Vanegrift wrote the following note to her cousin, Mrs. H.O. Saunders nee Taliaferro, prior to her death in 1932. She was 102.

The old Warner Hall house was burned in 1845. Mr. Colin Clarke who then owned it added to one of the brick offices a brick bungalow in which he lived until his death in the early 60’s. The original building had very large rooms-so large was the drawing room that I remember being at a large party there, when a child, and the Clarke boys and Bryan girls and my brother and I had our own cotillion in a corner of the room. In those days neighbor children were invited to ‘grown up’ parties. Mr. Cheney, when he built he present house, connected it with brick offices. Warner Hall and Eagle Point were among the anti-bellum houses with many others far famed for their generous hospitality, as has been said, ‘every house was a club for guests.’

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