Basil Pesto

Get ready for the luscious basil plants of summer to start yielding flavorful leaves by setting this recipe aside to make your own basil pesto, just as we do here at Warner Hall.

What You’ll Need:

2 cups        Basil

1 cup          Parmesan

½ cup        Pine Nuts, toasted

6 cloves     Garlic

To taste       Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Season with salt and pepper

What You’ll Do:

–       Combine all the ingredients, but the olive oil, in a food processor

–       Puree until it is chopped up

–       Puree in the olive oil to moisten

–       Season with salt and pepper

Chef’s Note:  Do not over puree the oil olive because it will make the pesto taste bitter. The goal of pesto is to be able to taste the flavor of each ingredient, so please adjust your amounts to your liking. Also, you may turn this into a almond pesto, mixed herb pesto, pine nut pesto…whatever you imagine! Do this by removing the basil and replacing it with the toasted nut or herbs that you want to use.

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