Inn at Warner Hall – The Right Choice

I have read that the root of our stress in this day and age is the direct result of all the choices we have to make just to survive in our society. 220 automobiles, over 300 cereals and thousands and thousands of mutual funds to choose from….Donna and I came to Warner Hall to relax and celebrate life itself. I knew I was in for a treat when Theresa met us at the door and insisted on carrying our bags – something I was not prepared for…but once again we were faced with choices! A fireplace in our bedroom! When do you use it? Morning, moon or night? What do you use it for? Heat, light, romance? Being the simple people that we are, Donna & I decided to use it for all the reasons we could think of! The full moon, sunsets from the boathouse, biking when the tide is out, kayaking when the tide is in…decisions, decisions! Finally, it goes without saying that everyone, from age 2 to 90 should be so lucky to be able to stay in the grace of Warner Hall for at least one day in their life. If you are looking for stress…you can’t get there from here…
Doug & Donna – MD

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